Regulated Members

The College of Alberta Denturists is required by the Health Professions Act to provide the public with information on the register respecting a named regulated member, such as:

  1. The full name of the member
  2. The member's unique registration number
  3. Whether the member's registration is restricted to a period of time and if so, the period of time
  4. Any conditions imposed on the member's practice permit
  5. The status of the member's practice permit including whether it is suspended or cancelled
  6. The member's practice specialization recognized by the college
  7. Whether the member is authorized to provide a restricted activity not normally provided by regulated members of the college
  8. Whether the member is not authorized to provide a restricted activity that is normally provided by regulated members of the college
  9. Information as indicated in Section 119 of the Health Professions Act

The following is the Directory for the Members who have consented to the information being published publicly. Consent Member Directory

Member Profile
293 Members found, displaying 251 to 293.
Name Registration Number
Sweet, Cynthia 80920716
Syskakis, Alexander 80920655
Tannahill, Lisa 80920728
Tarnowski, Lori 80920556
Thomas, David 80920020
Thomas, Michael 80920017
Thomas, Ellen 80920028
Thompson, Gregory 80920224
Thompson, Troy 80920408
Thwaites, Murray 80920826
Torre Alba, Jorge 80920225
Townley, Gregory 80920847
Tran, Huy 80920932
Treiber, Alan 80920113
Tremblay, Danica 80920647
Tremblay, Blair 80920411
Trombley, Jason 80920619
Tso, Wing 80920238
Turenne, Marcel 80920631
Tymashov, Vadym 80920706
Unger, Barbara 80920043
Vandor, Gyula 80920919
Vettori, Peter 80920230
Voss, Rudolf 80920815
Voss-Seiler, Cara-Lee 80920814
Wagenseil, Marc 80920615
Wagner, Danielle 80920924
Walia, Sonu 80920429
Wandyka, Allan 80920816
Ward, Darron 80920620
Ward, Shaun 80920621
Weiss, Michael 80920312
Welsh, Curtis 80920233
Wiebe, Curtis 80920328
Wilson, Robert 80920531
Wittmeier, Wilfried 80920616
Wlodarczyk, Jason 80920424
Woodman, Deryk 80920118
Woodman, Chelsie 80920430
Young, Cheryl 80920915
Yusefov, Ruvim 80920846
Zhu, Xiaotian 80920431
Zou, Hao 80920648