Course Accreditation

Organizers and presenters of continuing education courses who wish to pre-approve their courses for presentation to the regulated members of the College of Alberta Denturists must submit course material to the registrar of the College of Alberta Denturists for review.

Approval is strongly suggested and if approved, the College allows for the organizers and presenters to indicate that the course(s) have been pre-approved as well as indicate the total number of approved hours for the course(s).

See the Approval and Accreditation of Courses for Continuing Competency Requirements Policy (PDF)

Accreditation Process

When reviewing submitted courses, outlines, presentations or other similar educational modalities for Continuing Competency Accreditation, the registrar and or the registration committee:

1. Reviews relevancy to the profession or determine if it is of a personal educational nature:

  • Profession related: clinical, laboratory, management, or crossover
  • Personal

2. Reviews source(s) of the course:

  • All presenters/lecturers should hold a specialty certification or possess extensive experience /leadership in the presented area(s);
  • Be a Regulated Member of the College of Alberta Denturists or Licensed Denturist in another recognized jurisdiction; or
  • Be a Regulated Member of another Health Profession or Licensed Health Professional in another recognized jurisdiction.

3. Reviews sponsorship of the course:

  • Courses should be endorsed by institutes of higher learning.
  • Courses should be through educational division of a recognized dental/medical company/manufacturer; and/or
  • Courses should be through and or endorsed by other Denturist, Dental or Health Professions Associations.

4. Reviews length of course:

  • Should be a minimum of one-hour in length.

5. Reviews relevancy to the profession:

  • Content should be relevant to authorized services.
  • Content should be relevant to dental/medical knowledge.
  • Content should be relevant to the management or administration of a denture clinic.

6. Reviews: course content:

  • All course material should be evidenced based.

7. Reviews course format:

  • Lecture only
  • Lecture with audio-visual support
  • Lecture with printed literature
  • Lecture with referenced text (provided)
  • Lecture with web-based reference
  • Lecture with "hands-on" component
  • Lecture with formal examination
  • No lecture

8. Reviews course type:

  • Distance learning
  • Self-study
  • On-line

Note: Acceptable only with examination on completion of course.

9. Makes decision on accreditation.

  • If approved, course will be accredited for a specific number of hours.
  • If approved, course will be allocated to a specific section of the Continuing Competency Rules.

Required Information and Items to be Submitted

The minimum required information to be submitted for review:

  • Name of organization and or individual(s) presenting course
  • Relevancy to the Denturist Profession, (i.e.: clinical skills, laboratory skills)
  • Curriculum Vitae of presenter(s)
  • Whether or not the presentation/course is approved by institutes of high education or other health professions/organizations
  • Outline of the presentation/course
  • Length of the presentation/course
  • Method of delivery of the presentation/course
  • Whether or not there is a post-presentation/course completion examination
  • Whether or not there is a certificate of attendance/completion provided

Course Accreditation Form