Registration with the College of Alberta Denturists

The Health Professions Act in Section 46 deals with the matter of mandatory registration.

Those who wish to provide denturists services in Alberta must be registered with the College of Alberta Denturists as a regulated member and must have a valid practice permit issued by the College.

Registration Categories

The College of Alberta Denturists has two categories of membership:

  1. Regulated members
    • Regulated members on the general register have approval to provide independent denturist services as indicated in the Denturists Profession Regulation (depending on conditions placed on a practice permit which may restrict some provision of services).
    • Regulated members on the provisional register have usually graduated from a denturist technology program approved by Council but have yet to successfully complete the registration examination approved by Council. These regulated members are authorized to provide denturist services while under direct supervision of a regulated member on the general register.
    • Regulated members on the courtesy register are working in Alberta as a denturist for a specified period of time for a specific purpose. These members are in good standing in another jurisdiction.
  2. Non-regulated members
    • Student members are individuals who are currently enrolled in a denturist technology program approved by Council. These members are not issued a practice permit and are only permitted to provide restricted activities and/or denturist services under the supervision of a regulated member within the framework of the approved program.
    • Honorary members are appointed by Council. These individuals are not provided with a practice permit and cannot legally provide any denturist services in Alberta.
    • Associate members are individuals who were previously regulated members with the College, but are no longer registered with the College and/or are a regulated member in good standing with another denturists regulatory College in an equivalent jurisdiction in Canada.