How to Apply for Initial Registration

Please be advised that you cannot make application for registration without the legal right to work in Canada.  If you obtain such a right in the future and wish to apply please complete the corresponding application type found in Application Forms.

Registration information becomes part of a permanent record unique to you regardless of your member status.  Do not attempt to reenter the system as an Initial Applicant.  
Example:   You were previously registered as a Student Member and now wish to register as a Provisional Regulated Member. You would be entered in the system. Therefore, you would be required to contact the College office in order to proceed to register as a Provisional Regulated Member.

If in doubt please contact the College office.

Please contact the College of Alberta Denturists should you have any questions regarding the Applications for Registration.

Telephone: 780-429-2330
Toll Free: 1-800-262-2742