Application for Regulated Member Registration - International Application

The College receives inquiries from foreign individuals, regarding possible registration in the profession in Alberta and these are often from foreign trained Dentists.

It is a common mistake to think that Dentists can register as a Denturist, however, the two professions are different and there is different training and qualifications.  There is no reciprocity between the professions.

Foreign trained Dentists should make application the the Alberta Dental Association and College.

If you are a foreign trained dentist with additional qualifications such as a diploma in Dental Technology you may possibly have the qualifications for registration as a Denturist.

The College’s Registrar and Registration Committee follow a policy with respect to administrative matters of international applications.  This policy will provide general information and guidelines as to the process an individual must successfully complete if they are to become registered in Alberta as a Regulated Member.

International Application for Registration as a Regulated Member Administration Policy - PDF Please note  this policy is being amended to reflect the new Examination process

Registration form is to be completed and submitted online.
You cannot make application for registration without the legal right to work in Canada

It is your responsibility to read, review and ensure that all required documents are completed including any fees that are invoiced.

The forms will be received electronically and you will be advised via email when your application has been approved.  Please be advised that until approved by the Registrar and a Practice Permit has been issued you cannot provide Denturist services directly to the public in the Province of Alberta.

  1. Select the applicable Registration form. (See Application Forms)

  2. This is a legal document and as such you are required by law to provide truthful and complete response to all requested information, both personal and business.

  3. Please provide the response N/A if not applicable.

  4. If you own or will be working at more than one clinic please click on the icon and complete the information required.

  5. To enter hours you are normally at the clinic location, please enter as follows:
    Example:  Monday - 8-12 & 1-5

  6. All numbered questions or items marked with an asterisk must be completed in order for you to continue to the next page.

  7. Please note the entry for any date is as follows:  Month/Day/Year

  8. If using a credit card for payment, please ensure that the name provided is the name as it appears on the credit card and the billing address of the card holder is required for the payment to be processed.

  9. The following information should be scanned and uploaded as requested:

    1. Passport Type Photo
    2. Current CPR Certificate
    3. Print, Sign, Scan and Upload - Code of Ethics Principles Form.  This will be returned upon approval.
    4. The Code of Ethics can be viewed and printed following the link in About Us.
    5. Birth Certificate or documentation indicating legal entitlement to work in Canada.
    6. Current Criminal Record Check with Category A vulnerable Sector Search (This pursuant to Article 7(f) of the Denturists Profession Regulation)
    7. Print, Complete, Scan and Upload - Two Character Declaration Forms.
    8. Print, Complete, Scan and Upload - Authorization for Release of Information
    9. Print, Complete, Scan and Upload - Disclosure of Registration Applications in Canada Form (PDF)
    10. Print, Complete, Scan and Upload - Work Experience Declaration Form (PDF)
  10. You are required to enter any continuing competency courses taken in the two years prior and current year.   Enter each course individually. 
    Once your application has been approved and your Continuing Competency Cycle assigned you are required to retain the proof of attendance documents for the period of your five year reporting cycle.

  11. A completed IQAS Application Form must be submitted with your application.  The IQAS Form can be obtained at  You must submit the IQAS form to the applicable address indicated on that form, request in a Description of Course Work assessment and upon receipt of the report from IQAS, scan and upload the document to the College of Alberta Denturists.

  12. For additional information on IQAS, please visit their website.

  13. Please be advised that Pursuant to the Regulation, the College retains the right to require you to demonstrate proficiency in English if necessary. (Pursuant) to Section 8.1(1) of the Denturists Profession Regulation)

  14. Please refer to the College of Alberta Denturists International Application for Registration as a Regulated Member - Fees, Premiums and Funds Policy (PDF)

  15. Please refer to the College of Alberta Denturists International Applications for Registration as a Regulated Member Policy (PDF) Please note  this policy is being amended to reflect the new Examination process