Complaint Resolution

If you are unsatisfied with the services provided by your denturist, you are encouraged to discuss the matter directly with your denturist and attempt to resolve your issues before contacting the College.

However, if you are unable to resolve your issues, you may proceed with the Complaint Resolution Process, which is in place to ensure the highest standards in denturism are upheld.

Individuals can submit a letter of  complaint in writing to the College, and if it meets the requirements of the Health Professions Act, it will be accepted and addressed. The requirements are stipulated in the Health Professions Act as: 

54(1) A person who makes a complaint to a complaints director regarding a regulated member or a former regulated member must do so in writing and must sign the written complaint. 

As well, this letter must be submitted to the College via mail or similar delivery; we require the original letter and therefore, emails and facsimiles are not acceptable.