Regulated Members

The College of Alberta Denturists is required by the Health Professions Act to provide the public with information on the register respecting a named regulated member, such as:

  1. The full name of the member
  2. The member's unique registration number
  3. Whether the member's registration is restricted to a period of time and if so, the period of time
  4. Any conditions imposed on the member's practice permit
  5. The status of the member's practice permit including whether it is suspended or cancelled
  6. The member's practice specialization recognized by the college
  7. Whether the member is authorized to provide a restricted activity not normally provided by regulated members of the college
  8. Whether the member is not authorized to provide a restricted activity that is normally provided by regulated members of the college
  9. Information as indicated in Section 119 of the Health Professions Act

The following is the Directory for the Members who have consented to the information being published publicly. Consent Member Directory

308 Profiles found, displaying 101 to 150.
Name Registration Number
Ghanbari, Sina 80920643
Ghotme, Belal 80920581
Gill, Ravneet 80920638
Gilmore, Adam 80920048
Gilmore, Alexander 80920106
Gilmore, Barbara 80920209
Gilmore, Donald 80920008
Granger, Amy 80920825
Grant, Terrance 80920107
Grewal, Prabhsharan 80920237
Grewal, Satpreet 80920635
Grover, Kevin 80920903
Grover, Shayna 80920736
Gulley, Frederick 80920010
Hamid, Karam 80920920
Hammond, Valerie 80920326
Hammoud, Bassam 80920228
Hammoud, Rasol 80920573
Hansen, Michael 80920421
Hansen, Raymond 80920404
Haraldson, Graham 80920415
Harnett, Timothy 80920259
Hehn, Angela 80920718
Heighton, Daniel 80920830
Hiob, Douglas 80920519
Hiob, Chad 80920034
Ho, Lee Wing 80920836
Holyk, Katherine 80920564
Hormoth-Anderson, Tatem 80920265
Hosack, Allen 80920108
Houle, Raymond 80920913
Hubben, Willem 80920522
Hussein, Zeaid 80920022
Hussein, Zine 80920240
Hyde, Corey 80920729
Hyman, Joyce 80920553
Irodenko, Volodymyr 80920933
Ivicevic, Anthony 80920244
Jacobsen, Nikki 80920042
Jensen, Dallas 80920255
Jeon, Ah Rong 80920343
Jones, Danny 80920905
Jordan, Tyler 80920422
Kailay, Parmjit 80920543
Kalemba, Dagmara 80920123
Kassian, Leon 80920523
Kennedy, Paul 80920027
Kennedy, Tammy 80920025
Keown, Tasha 80920627
Kettner, Bradley 80920425