Regulated Members

The College of Alberta Denturists is required by the Health Professions Act to provide the public with information on the register respecting a named regulated member, such as:

  1. The full name of the member
  2. The member's unique registration number
  3. Whether the member's registration is restricted to a period of time and if so, the period of time
  4. Any conditions imposed on the member's practice permit
  5. The status of the member's practice permit including whether it is suspended or cancelled
  6. The member's practice specialization recognized by the college
  7. Whether the member is authorized to provide a restricted activity not normally provided by regulated members of the college
  8. Whether the member is not authorized to provide a restricted activity that is normally provided by regulated members of the college
  9. Information as indicated in Section 119 of the Health Professions Act

The following is the Directory for the Members who have consented to the information being published publicly. Consent Member Directory

308 Profiles found, displaying 151 to 200.
Name Registration Number
Khalil, Souheil 80920654
Kim, Hyun Soo 80920645
Kim, Sue 80920806
Kim, John 80920637
King, Lindsey 80920849
Klimpke, Wade 80920316
Ko, Andy 80920937
Kohlen, Timothy 80920260
Kononchuk, Oriana 80920023
Kowalchuk-Kanary, Madison 80920739
Kowalski, Tina 80920559
Krajewski, Horst 80920236
Krull, James 80920810
Lacombe, Margarette 80920306
Laliberte, Kyle 80920838
Lamoureux, Diana 80920721
Lanzl, Anthony 80920241
LaRocque-Walker, Luke 80920044
Le, Jason 80920935
Le-Lukaszewicz, Cathy 80920925
Lee, Douglas 80920227
Lee, Seungwon 80920341
Lennie, Nadja 80920344
Lingstadt, Wolfgang 80920539
Liske, Tanya 80920914
Livingstone, Brian 80920335
Love, Allan 80920217
Luckwell, Terrie 80920407
Lucyshyn, Craig 80920562
Lucyshyn, Melvin 80920525
Lucyshyn, Russell 80920566
Ma, Jamie 80920551
Mader, Gitta 80920608
Martin-Friesacher, Loretta 80920618
Marusiak, Craig 80920636
Marusiak, Curtis 80920931
Maximchuk, Kim 80920918
McAlarey, John 80920934
McGregor, Leslie 80920417
McLaughlin, Kevin 80920434
Meilun, Adam 80920254
Mello, Gabriel 80920812
Melnychuk, Sandra 80920266
Mercier, Gerard 80920111
Mesic, Admir 80920571
Mesic, Almir 80920828
Mezei, Jeffrey 80920129
Mihajlov, Dejan 80920135
Mizuik, Jill 80920137
Moore, Kenneth 80920308