Regulated Members

The College of Alberta Denturists is required by the Health Professions Act to provide the public with information on the register respecting a named regulated member, such as:

  1. The full name of the member
  2. The member's unique registration number
  3. Whether the member's registration is restricted to a period of time and if so, the period of time
  4. Any conditions imposed on the member's practice permit
  5. The status of the member's practice permit including whether it is suspended or cancelled
  6. The member's practice specialization recognized by the college
  7. Whether the member is authorized to provide a restricted activity not normally provided by regulated members of the college
  8. Whether the member is not authorized to provide a restricted activity that is normally provided by regulated members of the college
  9. Information as indicated in Section 119 of the Health Professions Act

The following is the Directory for the Members who have consented to the information being published publicly. Consent Member Directory

296 Profiles found, displaying 201 to 250.
Name Registration Number
Oleksyn, Jordan 80920427
Palmer, Max 80920719
Paoletti, Richard 80920829
Paradis, Janet 80920526
Park, Shelby 80920261
Pasnak, Dwayne 80920612
Patching, Laurens 80920626
Perkins, Raymond 80920132
Perverseff, Trisha 80920570
Pitcher, William 80920714
Pitchford, Trisha 80920322
Plasse, Diane 80920569
Potter, Blair 80920012
Rafih, Ibrahim 80920138
Ramey, Scott 80920243
Rana, Vasudha 80920651
Rapske, Kevin 80920235
Richardson, Darren 80920013
Rizzoli, Terrena 80920257
Roberts, Brian 80920220
Robertson, John 80920613
Robertson, John 80920713
Robichaud, Rae-Lynne 80920839
Rogers, Erin 80920040
Rolfsen, Trisha 80920426
Roux, Dwight 80920715
Ruiz, Alberto 80920545
Sailer, Steven 80920229
Samis, Kori 80920623
Schaefer, Barbara 80920534
Schaefer, Joshua 80920940
Schlesiger, Shelley 80920548
Schnurr, Michael 80920221
Schultz, Nathan 80920331
Sech, Peter 80920536
Seles, Michael 80920222
Sharma, Neharika 80920734
Sharma, Jatinder 80920437
Shigeta, Gary 80920818
Shigeta, Suzy 80920819
Sinnott, Kim 80920410
Skarsen, Megan 80920035
Smith, Karen 80920707
Smith, Lee 80920223
Smith, Terence 80920540
Smith, Parker 80920583
Sosnov, Eugene 80920337
Spicer, Rosalie 80920820
Spinner, Dwight 80920538
Stephens, Jennifer 80920580